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Flight Guide for Success:
Tips and Tactics for the Aspiring Airline Pilot

Kahn’s upbeat attitude is woven throughout the pages of her guide. “This is not a how-to book, and it’s not a memoir,” she noted. Instead it is a collection of personal stories, both hers and others’, covering such general career-related areas as setting goals, networking,
learning from your mistakes, interview secrets, and writing a fabulous résumé. She also covers those topics specific to an aviation career, like what the life of a professional pilot is like, how to build flight time, and job opportunities for older pilots. “Everyone loves to read a
war story,” she said. “I try to help people through the wasteland. I tell them the résumé is your chance to tell your story and how to show passion even in a dull form like an online application.”

Cymbre Foster, Editor

ForeWord Magazine
Reviews of Good Books
Week of December 14, 2005

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Kirkus Discoveries
VNU US Literary Group


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For a look at what AOPA's Flight Training magazine said about the new 3rd edition of Flight Guide for Success,  click here and read their December 2004 review describing how "her no-nonsense prose also illustrates the underlying fact that honesty and integrity-- along with transparency and humility--matter in an airline interview and in life." 

Pilot Products, AOPA Flight Training
December 2004

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Here's what Private Pilot Magazine writer Jennifer Gwosdof had to say in the June 1999 issue of Private Pilot Magazine :

"Attention prospective airline pilots! I just found a way to possibly save you $225. Airline Captain Karen Kahn has released her new book, Flight Guide for Success. The 287 Page book has eight chapters full of advice on the best way to train for an airline pilot career. The book is a compilation of articles previously published in Flying Careers Magazine and The Ninety-Nine News, the newsletter of the women's flying organization.

Longtime PRIVATE PILOT readers will remember the interview we did with Captain Kahn in our September 1995 issue. There, we detailed the counseling service Kahn runs for those interested in an airline career. For $135 (if you have less than 400 flight hours) or $225 (if you have more than 400 flight hours), Kahn will meet with you in person or counsel you over the phone on how to tailor your training to obtain that coveted airline job. Or, if your flight training is complete, she will help you prepare your resume and polish your interview skills.

We met with the author at the 1998 AOPA convention in Palm Springs, California. I asked Kahn how this book complements her counseling service. Kahn explained that the book is meant to precede any in-person counseling she supplies. When someone calls to use her counseling services, she first suggests that they read Flight Guide for Success. If someone gets all the help they need from her book, Kahn is happy that she saved the reader the expense of her counseling services.

Kahn notes that everyone who has purchased her book has been "most delighted." She says she's "...never had anyone say it wasn't worthwhile." If someone reads the book and still feels Kahn's personal help is needed, Kahn says the counseling process is easier, because the client now has the benefit of the articles in her book. Reading the book first makes the counseling process go more smoothly.

Whether you're just beginning to acquire your ratings for a future airline job or if you're already to the point of sending out airline applications, this book will help you to become a more prepared job applicant."






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