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Here's what others say about
Flight Guide for Success:
Tips and Tactics for the Aspiring Airline Pilot

"Karen Kahn is an extraordinary mentor. As a professional pilot she knows the pitfalls, toils and traps that impede aviation career progress. As a career counselor, she's the perfect guide to help traverse these obstacles. She has helped many aspiring aviators fulfill their cockpit destiny. Absorb her message and you. too, will be that much closer to your career goals."

~ Rod Machado
Aviation Author, Educator and Humorist

"In this industry you need the seasoned advice, money-saving strategies, and inside information that Flight Guide for Success provides. Where was Capt. Kahn when I needed her 30+ years ago."

~ Captain Dave Gwinn
TWA retired & Author

“Karen Kahn has impressed me enormously. Never before has anyone given women pilots a leg-up on aviation careers. Flight Guide for Success is a must read for every pilot, but particularly insightful for women.”

~ Arlynn McMahon
MCFI and Aero-Tech Training Centers Manager

"It's terrific!  Not only is the advice excellent but the tone of the book is wonderfully much more encouraging that other career books out there. I can and will heartily recommend it without a moment's hesitation."

~ Greg Brown
Aviation Author and Consultant

"Aviation aspirants want honest, straight talk; that is what they will get from Flight Guide for Success by Captain Karen M. Kahn. With a background that spans the spectrum from small general aviation airplanes to the latest in high-tech jet transports, Captain Kahn offers valuable direction based on the best of her own experiences as well as those of hundreds of other successful pilots. The articles are tightly written, with an emphasis on the facts, honest encouragement, and effectiveness. Hints and suggestions are included that can save readers much time and frustration and ultimately help present themselves in the most professional manner possible."

~ Jean E. Harper
Captain, United Airlines

“I checked out your book and I plan on buying one soon. You are now my new idol. I thank you for all that you have done in the Aviation industry, and how you have inspired other people to better their careers and fulfill there dreams. Seeing the smile on your face in all the photos, reminds me why I am doing what I am doing. I want to wake up every morning and go to work doing a job that I love. It looks like you have done that, and I can’t wait to do that too”.

~ Paul Malvaney






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