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“Captain Karen M Kahn, a 6-time Master and SAFE member, recently renewed her Master CFI accreditation. Captain Karen Kahn   is a major commercial airline Boeing 757/767 pilot, aviation author, career counselor, and independent CFI at Santa Barbara Airport (SBA). She is also active in the Ninety-Nines (the international organization of women pilots created by Amelia Earhart in 1929) and serves as a FAASTeam representative in the FAA's Van Nuys FSDO area.

Master Instructors LLC takes great pride in announcing a significant aviation accomplishment on the part of Captain Karen M Kahn, a noted Airline Pilot, aviation career counselor, author and speaker. Recently, Karen's accreditation as a Master CFI (Certificated Flight Instructor) was renewed by Master Instructors LLC, the international accrediting authority for the Master Instructor designation as well as the FAA-approved Master Instructor Program. She first earned this national professional accreditation in 2003, has held it continuously since then, and is one of only 36 worldwide to earn the credential six times.

To help put these achievements in their proper perspective, there are approximately 97,000 CFIs in the United States. Fewer than 800 aviation educators worldwide have achieved one or more of the Master accreditations thus far. Captain Kahn is one of only 53 California aviation educators to earn this prestigious "Master" title. Read more about this powerful, empowering woman...


Leadership/Personal Motivation

"Captain Kahn’s ability to motivate, educate and inspire come from her own accomplishments and life experience, given the stressful nature of the ever-changing aviation industry." Read More

"Value your experience. Stay Relevant in work and service."  Read More


“I think I was determined to do for a living what I loved to do anyway and kept my focus by immersing myself in aviation. I did take various menial jobs to pay for my lessons, but that thought of flying was always on my mind.”



“Since I had already assisted many would be pilots in successfully navigating a difficult career path, I decided it behooved me to share the techniques I developed for Flight Guide for Success with other career seekers,…” Read More



Career Development

“Retirees and others who are considering re-entering the workforce, need to remember that desire, determination and persistence matter most. However, many younger job competitors will not possess the same level of maturity. This is a bonus skill that should be highlighted in the search process.” Read More



“Unlike younger applicants, retirees offer a wealth of professional and life experience to a prospective employer. To sell themselves well, they need to focus on their key assets that differentiate them from their younger competitors, such as maturity,…” Read More



“Challenge your decision-making skills by practicing the technique of asking 'What If?' This tactic allows you to consider the situation, solicit varying input, and test your proposed solution without fear of error.”  Read More



“How do I progress upward from my current CFI position to find a cargo, corporate or commuter job?”  Read More



“Unlike many professions, pilots are dealing in potentially life-threatening situations on a daily basis. The ability to demonstrate experience in reacting quickly, calmly and effectively is a skill that’s imperatively important and will impress any prospective employer.”  Read More






“This past Christmas vacation, I flew to Antigua, Guatemala, to visit an support the nonprofit organization Semillas Para Futuro, which helps villagers of Chocola to become self-sufficient in their cacao, coffee and vegetable farming.”  Read More



“Airline surcharges, such as baggage fees, are expanding because they bring in big money. But with airfares reasonable, the impact on the cost of airline travel appears to be a wash.”  Read More



“Capt. Karen Kahn tells travelers what not to bring.”  Read More



“Less stress when you travel
National travel expert Captain Karen Kahn offers tips for avoiding unnecessary holiday travel stress.”  
Read More



“Purchase your in-flight meals. Pay for your checked baggage. Buy your own blanket. There hasn't been much happy news in recent years for the flying public. But two words no flier ever wants to hear associated with an airline they're likely to travel with are "maintenance violations.”  Read More



“How to pack: Capt. Karen Kahn advises world travelers.”  Read More



“If your starting destination is near a smaller, local airport, the cost of a commuter flight can be equal to or less money than the cost of driving yourself or hiring transportation to reach the nearest metropolitan airport." Read More


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On the surface, the percentage of women pilots has remained relatively consistent for the past decade. Just over 6% of all pilots are female, including commercial, recreational, sports fliers or students, according to Women in Aviation, a networking and professional support group for women employed in the aviation industry. Read More


Highlights of the 5th Aviation and Women in Europe (AWE) Conference.

Captain Karen Kahn was featured as a speaker. Read More



“I feel deeply humbled to be honored by such a prestigious organization. I find it incredibly rewarding to teach and encourage others how to find and honor their life’s passion, as I did with aviation.” Read More



"That warning is very important to pilots. I don't think anyone takes the cabin altitude horn lightly. I don't think it's something people just ignore." Read More










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