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While counseling aspiring and employed pilots, Captain Kahn wrote Flight Guide for Success: Tips and Tactics for the Aspiring Pilot to help them synthesize their aspirations and skills into a manageable action plan that would empower them to secure ideal employment or climb the corporate ranks. Today, she has broadened her message to share with others how they too can become more confident and succeed in any professional or personal pursuit.

She has also authored articles for a host of aviation, personal motivation, career and travel publications, including Flight Training, Leadership Excellence, Employment Crossing and Travel Host magazines.

"You may or may not remember me but I had the pleasure of meeting you, as a fellow jumpseater, on the ride home to Los Angeles from Newark a few years ago. At the time, I flew for Colgan Air (before they were bought by Pinnacle Airlines), and was flying the Dash-8 Q400 out of Newark. While we were up in the cockpit, you gave me a flyer for your book. Thank you so much for that. Your book has helped me obtain an interview next week with United Airlines. In particular, the sections on networking/marketing myself, logbooks, and resumes have been very helpful in this endeavor. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and experience with the aviation community."

~ Best Regards,
Captain Nathan Mabry

"As a young pilot trying to make a lot of big and overwhelming decisions about a career in commercial aviation, I found Captain Kahn’s book to be very useful. Her writing style is very fact of the matter and to the point, while conveying important facts that are mostly unknown. Flight Guide for Success targets many youthful ways of thinking and addresses both professional and personal concerns that one may have when making decisions about a career in commercial aviation."

~ J. Keenan
Louisville, KY

“I bought the book a few weeks ago and have read it twice already, going for the third time already! My networking has gone up I will say! Thanks for all the advice!"

~ S. Barksdale

“Thank you for all the instruction, patience, and excellent explanations.”

~ S. Blue
Big Bear, CA

“I really enjoyed your book. I appreciate all the good ideas you gave me. It really helped me get focused again.”

~ L. Reagan
Baltimore, MD

“I checked out your book and I plan on buying one soon. You are now my new idol. I thank you for all that you have done in the Aviation industry, and how you have inspired other people to better their careers and fulfill there dreams. Seeing the smile on your face in all the photos, reminds me why I am doing what I am doing. I want to wake up every morning and go to work doing a job that I love. It looks like you have done that, and I can’t wait to do that too”.

~ Paul Malvaney

“I just wanted to let you know that I bought your book Flight Guide for Success a while back and read it, and I thought that besides all the great tips and advices that you give with all your flight experience, I also thought that it gives a lot of “life experience” advice as well, which is priceless for someone in aviation or not… they were good life lessons.”

~ L. Vasquez


This 288-page manual is based on Captain Kahn’s 40+ years’ experience as a commercial pilot. Now in its third reprint, Flight Guide For Success answers the tough, pilot career questions without sugar coating the answers. Having written numerous articles on the subject of flying careers and having career-counseled dozens of prospective pilots, Captain Kahn addresses topics other books dare not raise.

From getting started and finding one’s first job, to marketing oneself and preparing for the interviews, this book lays it on the line. And although it focuses on preparing for a job at a major airline,
Captain Kahn’s no-nonsense prose illustrate the underlying point that honesty and integrity, along with humility and transparency, matter not only in an airline career, but also in life.

Flight Guide For Success
retails for $19.95 + $4.50 for shipping and handling. Additional postage fee may apply.




Kahn’s upbeat attitude is woven throughout the pages of her guide. “This is not a how-to book, and it’s not a memoir,” she noted. Instead it is a collection of personal stories, both hers and others’, covering such general career-related areas as setting goals, networking,
learning from your mistakes, interview secrets, and writing a fabulous résumé.

Cymbre Foster, Editor
ForeWord Magazine
Reviews of Good Books


Whether you're just beginning your flight training toward a professional pilot career—ready to look for your first commercial flying job—or you've been through the mill and want to refine your approach, Karen Kahn's Flight Guide For Success Tips & tactics for the Aspiring Airline Pilot gives clear insight into how you can reach your goal.

Julie K. Boatman
AOPA Flight Training
Pilot Products


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