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Captain Kahn’s professional presentations include career workshops, professional and civic meetings, events, trainings, and trade shows. She prefers to tailor her presentations to each event ensuring a special and unforgettable engagement. She is an inspirational voice of confidence, determination and achieving one’s goals, and can speak on a variety of topics spanning personal motivation, leadership, travel, career development and, of course, aviation.


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  • Breaking the Glass Ceiling
  • Setting and Achieving Goals
  • Succeeding (as a woman) in Male-Dominated Industries
  • Balancing Family and Career
  • Marketing Oneself
  • Workplace Secrets to Success
  • Captains: Each and Every One of Us (your world or mine)
  • Turning Pro: Have You Got What it Takes?
  • Plays Well With Others: Gender Issues in the Workplace
  • Communicate Clearly: I Meant What I Said but did I Say What I Meant?


  • The Changing Face of the Airline Industry
  • Successfully Becoming a Pilot
  • Behind the Cockpit Door


“Thank you for a great presentation last night and the many, many questions you answered. We were delighted to have you as our speaker and all of the comments I received were rave.”

 ~ Barry M. Spector
Focal Point Partners, LLC


“Karen Kahn is an exceptional speaker. She wowed this seasoned audience and engaged them with her tales From a successful career in an exciting and ever changing industry. She knows how to overcome obstacles and She also knows how to keep your attention!

Thank you Karen! WPO Santa Barbara loves you! ”


~ Patty DeDominic
World President Chapter ~ YPO-WPO


“Thank you for your contribution to the Montana Aviation Conference’s Aviation Careers Conference tailored to junior and senior high school students. The students felt that what they heard was valuable to their preparation for the future. We received nothing but praise for your presentation from both students and teachers.”

~ J. MacPherson


“That was a good talk. Everyone learned something. Thank you.”

~ D. Forman


“Thanks for bringing some of the real world to San Marcos and for helping me break gender gaps.”

~ J. Cog


For more information about Captain Karen Kahn, or to schedule her for speaking engagements, please contact:




Speaker's Kit ~ Coming Soon ~

  • "Behind the Cockpit Door”, Beverly Hills Forum Series
  • Santa Barbara Girls, Inc.
  • "Age of Work" – Santa Barbara City College
  • "Succeeding As A Woman in Aviation" -- Women in Aviation
  • Girl Power!, Sedona, AZ
  • Woman Fly!, Seattle, WA
  • NBAA Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference, Phoenix, AZ
  • Westminster College, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Comair Aviation Academy, Sanford, IL
  • Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott, AZ


  • World President’s Organization (WPO) Meeting
  • 5th Annual Aviation and Women in Europe Conference “Courage to be the Change” – Ferrara , Italy
  • Aviation Women in Europe, Ferrara, Italy
  • International Women in Aviation Conference, Memphis, TN

Leadership/Personal Motivation

"Captain Kahn’s ability to motivate, educate and inspire come from her own accomplishments and life experience, given the stressful nature of the ever-changing aviation industry." Read More

"Value your experience. Stay Relevant in work and service."  Read More


“I think I was determined to do for a living what I loved to do anyway and kept my focus by immersing myself in aviation. I did take various menial jobs to pay for my lessons, but that thought of flying was always on my mind.”



Career Development

“Retirees and others who are considering re-entering the workforce, need to remember that desire, determination and persistence matter most. However, many younger job competitors will not possess the same level of maturity. This is a bonus skill that should be highlighted in the search process.” Read More



“Unlike younger applicants, retirees offer a wealth of professional and life experience to a prospective employer. To sell themselves well, they need to focus on their key assets that differentiate them from their younger competitors, such as maturity,…” Read More



“Challenge your decision-making skills by practicing the technique of asking 'What If?' This tactic allows you to consider the situation, solicit varying input, and test your proposed solution without fear of error.”  Read More




On the surface, the percentage of women pilots has remained relatively consistent for the past decade. Just over 6% of all pilots are female, including commercial, recreational, sports fliers or students, according to Women in Aviation, a networking and professional support group for women employed in the aviation industry. Read More






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