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Flight Guide for Success:
Tips and Tactics for the Aspiring Airline Pilot

3rd Edition

Do you want to reach the top as a professional pilot? If so, you probably know that pursuing this career can be a painfully complex business. Making sense of the facts is not easy, and there are many forks in the road to confuse or even derail you. Worse yet, there are pitfalls beneath the surface to be avoided.

If you have ever wished for a trusted advisor to answer your really tough pilot-career questions without sugar coating the answers, Captain Karen Kahn is the one to turn to. She overcame a mountain of obstacles to command the cockpit of a jetliner. It is a tough road for anyone, but Karen will be the first to tell you that it's worth the effort to get there. She not only knows the ropes but also is masterful at sharing lessons learned in achieving that professional pilot's seat which so many of us aspire to.

In "Flight Guide for Success", Captain Kahn answers all your questions about the process of becoming a professional pilot; most importantly, she offers solid advice on topics other books dare not raise.

  • What are the best routes to a pro-pilot job?
  • Which qualifications count the most with employers?
  • How old is too old to become a professional pilot?
  • Are the days of cockpit discrimination over?
  • How should pilots handle blemishes on their backgrounds?
  • What's the life of a professional pilot like?
  • What are the joys? And what are the pitfalls?

A new compilation of career columns written by Captain Karen M. Kahn, a 30+ year major airline veteran, "Flight Guide for Success" can help any pilot, from beginner to advanced, zero time to recent airline pilot new-hire.

This book contains over 70 career advice columns, published in various aviation magazines (including Air Inc.'s Airline Pilot Careers, Flying Careers Magazine, International Women Pilots) ranging from Getting Started, to Building Flight Time, Networking, Women's Issues, Resumes, Job Applications, Interviewing and much more.

"Flight Guide for Success" covers a wide range of topics and, as one new commercial helicopter pilot put it, the book contains "tips useful not only for those looking for airline [pilot jobs] but translatable to other fields as well."

For a look at what AOPA's Flight Training magazine said about the new 3rd edition of "Flight Guide for Success" click here.
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