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Interview Counseling

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Airline Interview Counseling: What's it all about?

Are you concerned about your upcoming major airline interview?

Interview opportunities are comparable to a checkride and their successful outcome is of vital importance to your career progression. Don't bet your job on this crucial event. Get the guidance you need from airline captains familiar with the ins and outs of interviewing from both sides of the table.



How Aviation Career Counseling Can Help You...

We can help you prepare for this important event by fully briefing you on:

  • the psychology of interviewing...what to expect and why
  • calm your fears, overcome the natural tendency to be nervous
  • preparing yourself: mentally, physically and intellectually
  • enhancing your best image through proper speech, actions and dress
  • develop a well-paced, memorable presentation of your best qualities
  • tough questions you'll likely be asked and how to answer them to your advantage
  • impressing the interviewer, from start to finish

In a word, how to market a unique product: YOU! Remember, good preparation helps you to attain a high level of self-confidence which results in your making the best impression possible.


The 3 Phases of Interview Counseling

Phase 1: The Anatomy of an Interview

  • What you can expect
  • Your Job—before, during and after the interview
  • Basic Dos and Don'ts
  • Questions to expect and what your answers should tell them about you
  • How to avoid canned answers and use memorable, personalized answers
  • Your Preparation: study material, recommended reading, conducting your own background check to ease the process

Phase 2: The Practice Interview

  • Role Playing—for a reason
  • Video Taped—to show you the "real" you—an eye opener!
  • Emphasize & probe your weak areas: we'll try to make you sweat!
  • Challenge your ability to think (and talk) under pressure
  • Ask you those tough questions you can't/won't ask yourself
  • Quiz your aviation knowledge—is it up to ATP standards?
  • Your Personal Evaluation: the good and the bad
  • Recommended reading and practice exercise

Phase 3: The Critique

  • Your Personal Evaluation: The good and the bad
  • Recommended reading and practice exercises
Review our Recommended Reading List for Interviewing, Testing and Sim Prep before your session to enhance your knowledge.  
Download our Interview Counseling paperwork and return it to us by mail or FAX.

Once we receive your paperwork we'll call you to set up an Interview Preparation session, either via your phone call to us at a pre-arranged time (evenings and weekend appointments are available) or in-person at our offices in Santa Barbara, California, with airport pickup available upon request.

Interview counseling sessions take 3 ½ to 4 hours and are scheduled for morning (0900) or afternoon (1400) sessions. Transportation to and from the Santa Barbara Airport is included in the $475 fee (in person) which is payable in advance by check (allow 2 weeks lead time) or credit card (VISA/MasterCard only).

Note:  Interview appointments will be confirmed for paid applicants only. Be sure to include your credit card number and card expiration date to hold your desired interview counseling date and time.

Telephone counseling is available for $425 (via your telephone calls to us at a pre-arranged time) but is not recommended due to the importance of a positive visual impact at your upcoming interview.

We recommend you schedule your counseling session 2 weeks prior to your interview date, if possible. Phone, FAX and E-mail inquiries welcome.

To begin your interview counseling, we will discuss the do's and don'ts of interviewing, your previous interviews, if any, and their outcome. We will then continue with a mock interview, tailored to your particular situation with special emphasis on your answers, their delivery, completeness, and applicability. Dress is important and we ask that you wear your "interview" suit for your counseling session.

Our goal is to prepare you as fully as possible, while building your confidence in your own ability to handle any situation or question which might arise. With those goals in mind, we ask that you enclose with your completed application copies of your airline application, your licenses and medical, and the last 3 pages of your current logbook. Also, enclose any specific interview questions that concern you. 

The fee for our interview counseling is $475 (or $425 via telephone). Once we receive your fee and completed paperwork we will call you to confirm your interview counseling appointment. Please let us know your preference for your date and time, giving several options to facilitate scheduling.

Preparation and confidence are the keys to successful interviewing. We can help you achieve both of these goals and look forward to working with you.




Santa Barbara, California





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