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Advanced Counseling

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Basic Advanced Airline Interview Single Issue Senior
  Professional Pilot Career Counseling
(for the Advanced Pilot with over 400 hours)


Designed to save you time and money, our Introductory Pilot Career Counseling covers the what, where, when and how of learning to fly, completing your training and acquiring the experience necessary to succeed as a professional pilot. Our service is much like talking to your own accountant or attorney before you undertake an expensive course of action that may have far-reaching implication. We have your interests in mind and will recommend alternatives to help you achieve your goal quickly, with the minimum investment necessary.

You Should Consider:

  • Who is getting hired - do you fit the profile?
  • Your resume - does it present you in the best light?
  • Job search action plan - is yours an aggressive one?
  • Total Time - how much is enough...or do you have "too much?"
  • Formal education - do you need more? How to accelerate the process.

We recommend you read "Flight Guide for Success: Tips and Tactics for the Aspiring Airline Pilot" before your counseling session. You may find all the answers to your questions and can save yourself the cost of the counseling session. If not, you'll gain a strong foundation in the basics of our industry and we can then concentrate on your personal situation during your counseling session. This eliminates the need take up valuable counseling time to familiarize you with the "how it goes in the flying world" information which you can read in the book.

Download our Advanced Pilot Counseling forms and return it to us by mail or FAX. Take these forms seriously, exactly as you would for your future employer.

Once we receive your paperwork we'll call you to set up a counseling session, either via your phone call to us at a pre-arranged time (evenings and weekend appointments are available) or in-person at our offices in Santa Barbara, California, with airport pickup available upon request.

Your counseling session will last approximately 60 minutes and include detailed advice on achieving your goals with special attention to your specific needs and questions.  Within the next 6 months after your initial session, you're entitled to two additional follow-up sessions (limit: 10 minutes each) to help you with any additional questions or concerns.  The fee for our service is $325.00 payable by  check, $US money order, or VISA/MasterCard. (Should you desire in-person counseling, add $75.)



Santa Barbara, California





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